Give your children a summer of impact with a loan

Should you ask for a loan for your children’s fun? As a parent, you know that investing in your education and development always brings excellent results in the short and long term. And today, we have good news, because giving them unforgettable experiences is possible with a loan. How does it work? We tell you! 4 activities to practice finances with children.


Evaluate your options

5. Prepare for contingencies

Summer is coming! And with this also a thousand options for the family to relax, learn, join and above all, have fun. Why not give your children recreational activities? Whether English, sports or creativity courses. With a loan, it’s worth it! 7 saving tricks for first-time parents that you can’t miss.

You can even give them an unforgettable experience abroad, seriously! Consult Educational Passport, a platform that shows you the thousand options for your children to learn English, French, the importance of teamwork, sports, among other activities. You can choose to spend the summer in the United States, Canada, France, or England.


Evaluate the institutions

6. Invest instead of saving

A great advantage for you is that today you have Fintech; You can ask for a loan from wherever you stand. Go to branch? The branch is at hand. This union of finance with technology allows families like yours to have better access to their money management. Your pass to give your children a summer they will never forget is on your smartphone. What is Fintech and how is it revolutionizing the financial sector?

Our recommendation? Make sure mainly to know how are the interests in the institution to which you plan to go. We advise you to check that you will not be charged double interest on your loan. You can read more about the topic here. In addition to that, in Ludo Finance we do not ask for an advance for requesting a loan. And best of all: it’s very safe!


Plan your payment

Plan your payment

A loan to create experiences with the family is always worth it. Depending on your history in the Credit Bureau, proof of income and expenses, you will have a term to pay off your loan. So, make sure you have an excellent rating in Buró! And the best part is that if you advance your loan, you can pay less interest.